Little Ghost was created by Lisa, a Leeds based jewellery designer.

Lisa has always been inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian periods and wanted to create a range of jewellery that combined the elegance of the past yet retains a unique modern feel.

She personally searches out antique brass escutcheons, antique door or cabinet decorations and vintage decanter labels that have been discarded over the years and loves finding unusual antique objects that can be up-cycled and brought back to life.

“My main inspiration is the past. When planning the initial design of the jewellery, I look at my pieces and consider the history they have and the stories they could tell.

When I find them they are usually black with years of dirt but I love the idea that with a bit of care and elbow grease, silver-plating and re-designing, I can bring these pieces back and give them a new life as jewellery. There are many stages when I’m making the pieces, from the restoration of the brass to the silver plating and hand application of each of the vintage watch parts set in resin. The fact that they take so long to create only makes the finished result more worth while.

I spend a lot of my time sourcing unusual objects which I’m sure most people would not see as jewellery but with some care, time and thought can be made into beautiful pieces. I use vintage watch parts in my work because I feel this adds to the history and echoes the feeling of times gone by.”

Each Little Ghost piece is completely unique, they hang on silver-plated chains and come displayed in a presentation gift box.

They are all lovingly restored, up-cycled and hand-crafted in England.

Each piece suggests stories from our past and can be worn to create yet more stories for many years to come…….

Please feel free to contact us if there are any ideas that you might have that we can help you to create.